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Detach From The Outcome

That was my theme of learning for 2018. As I look back over the year, that concept popped up repeatedly and in completely different arenas. I can’t say I was always successful at detaching from how things turned out, but I made progress. Detaching from the outcome...

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Living In The Moment

This is not an unusual topic for me to write about. It tends to come up when I'm confronted with a new development in my daughter's journey. Living in the moment is a way to live all the time but seems to be challenged when her health takes a dive as it did a few...

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Anna Update

December 2, 2018:  I mentioned last winter that my daughter, Anna has chronic rejection of her transplanted lungs. It's a form of rejection that cannot be "cured" it can only be stalled. The stalling effect actually worked and kept her lung capacity at around 50% for...

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As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, it's a good reminder to shift our thoughts toward gratitude. Sometimes it seems as though there's very little to be grateful for. If you're reading this blog chances are good you have electricity, internet, a smart phone or a...

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A Little Awareness

A little awareness goes a long way. Taking just a few moments to notice yourself right now might be the difference between continuing to live in autopilot or being present in your very own life. Awareness is the practice of noticing yourself in the moment - your...

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