Welcome to Journey Forward for Life! So often it seems we have little support in our quest to be a better person; we feel alone. Not here! Journey Forward for Life is a community of people who are committed to growing toward emotional balance and ultimately enjoying this messy, complicated and amazing thing called life.

One beauty of being human is we have the capacity to change. We can be completely frustrated by our behavior and choices but we never have to settle and stay there. It’s not easy to grow and change, but as long as we are breathing on our own, we can do it. We need support and that’s what Journey Forward for Life is all about!

Journey Forward for Life offers encouragement and support through Workbooks, Blog posts, Workshops and Courses so you don’t have to walk this journey of change alone.

Who am I? I’m Karen Thacker. I have been on my own journey toward change since 2005. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling, own a private counseling practice and have attended many hours of my own therapy, coaching, and process groups; I am committed to my growth. Everything I teach my clients, I have tested in the real world: my life. If it doesn’t work, I don’t recommend it. If it does, I shout it from the mountain tops. Few of us got good solid training on how to process our thoughts and emotions, and effectively function in relationships. It’s no wonder we end up frustrated and sometimes miserable.

You don’t have to stay there. Come join me as you Journey Forward for Life!